Our Impact

The Boston Children’s Hospital League has positively impacted thousands of families since 1975 due to the commitment to programs that provide laughter, smiles, miracles, and hope at Boston Children’s Hospital. The endless thanks and praise to the League is immeasurable. Here are just a few examples of what the League’s mission and funding have done for program staff and patient families.


“In these times of uncertainty, and high anxiety, The Boston Children’s Hospital League continues to make a powerful commitment to ‘re-humanizing the medical experience’ for patients, families and staff at BCH.  I know I speak for all of our team when I say ‘Thank you!’ to the BCH League Members, for all you do to bring the healing power of laughter to the units of Boston Children’s Hospital.”

–Jay Stewart, Laughter League


Music Therapy:

“As a lead on the music therapy team I am deeply grateful for all the support we have received from the League over the years. Without this support our team would not be able to meet nearly the number of referrals we cover, specifically the urgent referrals that often require team members to cover last minute needs on our units. We deeply appreciate and value all you’ve done to keep our program growing as we have transitioned from being considered ‘nice to have’ to an essential patient service. With research we now have the ability to be involved in, we are beginning to provide necessary evidence to inform our practice and move our field forward. Our staff and patients thank you for all the support!”

–Brian, Music Therapist


Artist in Residence:

“I am so long in overdue sharing with you just how much [The Artists-in-Residence Program] literally made [my daughter’s] stay at the hospital, and gave her a life-long gift. She just told my mom yesterday that she wanted to be an artist or an author. She has shown her book to everyone who comes over, and she is so proud of her great work.”


“What you do is so vitally important and provides a much needed focus outside of the testing, prodding, general uncertainty, and stress of being in the hospital. I just cannot thank you enough.”


“Who knew that a writing project would turn out to be my therapy during Addy’s hospital stay. I just shared the video Laki and I created with my friends and family, and everyone responded saying that it brought them to tears. That makes me feel really, really proud.”  



Center for Young Women’s Health:

“The events of 2020 proposed unprecedented global challenges. However, our team in the Center for Young Women’s Health overcame these challenges with determination, resiliency, and teamwork. Now more than ever, it is clear that teens and adolescents from around the world need access to reliable health information. Our team strives daily to address issues not only here in the United States, but around the world, in a manner which appeals to this targeted audience. These unwavering efforts and our past accomplishments would not be possible without the support and funding received from the Children’s Hospital League and, for that we are grateful.”

–CYWH Board of Directors

“The Center for Young Women’s Health (CYWH) website was such a life saver and I really wish I found it sooner, but I’m so happy I have found it now. I have had questions about my body and information received from lab results and doctors. I have looked online and there are lots of resources but not everything seems credible or if it is the way it is explained is sometimes very complicated and confusing. There is also lots of conflicting information and it is sometimes difficult to know what to trust and what not to.”